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The big secret to fullness is very simple: share.



• study the value of solidarity in human and humanitarian relations;
• meet personalities who made a difference for their solidary conduct;
• experience solidarity by developing and implementing initiatives
in the local community.


The valorization of individualism, selfishness, excessive competition for money and power has unbalanced some principles of coexistence that need
be resumed to rebalance the economy and communities.


Circle of solidarity

Adapt this one-lesson lesson plan for any grade and follow it with a simple and powerful project.
Reflection brings the impact of learning
and service together.

What is a refugee? How is it to leave your home?

Students learn what it's like to be a refugee through photos, videos and stories. They build empathy and carry out an activity that simulates the choices that refugees need to make.

A gift for other people on my birthday

This activity is recommended for application at the beginning of the school year as part of the classroom procedures and can be open to be completed during the year, according to the birthdays of each month.

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