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For kids to have fun

Kindness and Generosity now in the Notebook
of Activities of the Boy Scouts of Brazil!

Complete material for you to access, learn and have fun.

Take advantage of our activities to have fun and promote Kindness and Generosity!

Download, print, cut, play and share.

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For families to reflect


Como ensinar desde cedo a importância da Gentileza e Generosidade? Confira no podcast: Aqui se faz, aqui se doa! 

A Plataforma de Educação para Gentileza e Generosidade presente no episódio 55 do Capitalismo Consciente na Prática!

How to promote kindness, generosity and solidarity when shopping?

Read, reflect, rethink, put into practice and share.


for everyone to participate

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What is Solidarity.

We listen to the opinion of children up to 12 years old about the meaning of very important words to build a future with more social awareness and collaborative sense.

In this edition, the proposal is to ask children:

What is solidarity? And leave them free to respond.

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Confira os resultados da 3ª edição da pesquisa 3 Coisas que Eu Quero Melhorar no Mundo.


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Did you know that kindness and generosity are habits that start from childhood? Many people stop donating because they have not learned the importance and value that donation has. Thinking about it, the Day of Donating Kids created Practical Lessons that are really practical.
Everything is uncomplicated so that mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles, grandparents and grandfathers, godmothers and godparents ... can talk about it with children and young people already showing how everything works.


The culture of giving is how an individual perceives himself in the act of giving, that is, the extent to which he believes that he is responsible for the positive transformation of society. The expression culture of donation began to be used in Brazil in early 2010, with the structuring of a movement for a culture of donation that maps, articulates and creates conditions to stimulate the cultivation and flourishing of a more conscious and donor country. Leo Fraiman, a psychotherapist and founder of the OPEE Methodology, delves into this complex and multidimensional issue in the 9th year volume in the project Project of Life and Entrepreneurial Attitude in a special chapter, written in partnership with the Dia de Doar Kids team.


Generosity generates and spins the economy. How much is that worth? Soooo worth it! In these 3 special classes, prepared by financial planners, you will know unmissable tips to start talking about the Economy of Generosity from an early age with children. Yes, being generous and investing in the humanitarian stock exchange makes the price of assets more than important, such as respect, solidarity and citizenship, become increasingly high. This impacts not only the life of the donor and the recipient, but also of the entire community. Have you heard that investing in education is investing in the future? Then click and watch that you will like it!

Economia da Generosidade

Economia da Generosidade

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Kindness is learned by doing. And one way to practice is to do something with great affection and offer it to someone you want to thank, congratulate, cheer up. It can be a cute drawing, a note with a message of inspiration or… a Cupcake of Kindness!

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What would you like to have learned about giving when you were a child? The “Para Aprender a Donar” project proposes to philanthropists, generous and solidary on duty to share their tips on the importance of donation with the Donate Kids Day. The goal? Make a difference in the education of many children in our Brazil. Good examples are always welcome, and when they emerge in childhood, even better.