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Generosity is the beginning of prosperity.

Tim O'Reilly


• know the fundamentals of generosity and its different formats;
• learn the importance of generosity for personal and group well-being;
• apply the economy of generosity in a practical and uncomplicated way
day to day


Humanity has built a society in which few have a lot of money and privileges, and many live in a precarious situation with scarcity of resources, at risk; Generous gestures and strategies can change this scenario.

We are a family owned and operated business.


Generosity across cultures and traditions

From the earliest childhood, we are captivated by the sounds of the human voice telling a story. There is an elementary and magnetic attraction in hearing the myths, fables and parables that are part of our diverse cultures. We learned childhood lessons from these popular tales with their characters and colorful episodes.

Philanthropy through social activism

As social activists, people have the power to make a difference for the common good. Sometimes,
laws and practices are unfair. We use the vote,
defense and our right to protest to raise awareness and demand justice. Through

of the discussion, students examine today's social activism and current issues of debate.

Family donation decision

This family activity brings together passions and the heart to do good.
As a family, or also with close friends, making a donation decision to a non-profit organization that everyone cares about is very important and connects everyone, of all ages.

The activity also brings reflections on interests and stories that connect families and friends.

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