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"Kindness generates kindness"
Prophet Kindness


• know the principles of kindness and the power of your circularity;
• experience kind and empathetic gestures and feel the difference in attitudes
• study inspiring personalities who transformed society using kindness.


In a world that promotes violence, urgency and intolerance, knowing and experiencing kindness can help in the development of a kinder Brazil in all sectors, especially in the business world.


Cans make a difference

Students write to friends by correspondence in a different community and discuss ideas related to a service project. Mail-order friends plan and monitor a canned food donation project.

Tools to increase kindness

The list of ideas and resources for projects designed to generate ideas for related actions
kindness and good deeds.

Day of Delivering Gratitude

This lesson focuses on the meaning and benefits of gratitude. Students listen to a book read aloud about a pot of gratitude and discuss things for which they are grateful at the moment. For their service project, students will "offer gratitude" to others in the school community, saying thanks and observing the reactions of the person they thanked, in addition to how they feel. They will keep a pot of gratitude and add notes to it every day; they can look at your notes on difficult days. They can add notes to other people's pots with kind words.

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