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Those awarded with the Day of Donating Kids 2020 Schools are:

More Transforming Campaign

1st place:
Colégio Professor Possidônio Salles,
São José dos Campos, SP.
Project name: Donate Kids Day

2nd Place:

Colégio Educar Guarulhos,
Guarulhos, SP.
Project name: Love in Motion

Most Engaging Campaign

1st place:
Colégio Avenues,
Sao Paulo-SP.
Project name: Avenues COVID-19 Social Response

2nd Place:

Athena College,
Our Mrs. of Glory, SE.
Project name: Athena "D" Day

More Creative Campaign

1st place:
College Professor Léa Edy Alonso Saliba,
Sorocaba, SP.
Project name: Importance of Donating Day

2nd Place:

College Professor Léa Edy Alonso Saliba

Sorocaba, SP .

Project name: Comparison of Fun and Philanthropy through Social Activism

Selected project / Edition 2020



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