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We need to take care of the world that we will not see.

Bertrand Russell


• know the fundamentals of generosity and its different formats;
• learn the importance of generosity for the good functioning of society;
• apply the economy of generosity in a practical way
and uncomplicated on a daily basis.


Taking care of natural resources and human relations needs to be a constant process and not just an emergency solution at critical moments; reflecting on the interdependence of everything and everyone is fundamental.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.


Let's try!

The purpose of this lesson is to initiate an investigation of the state of the environment and observe the effects of pollution on it. Students begin to strategize about their responsibility to be environmentalists.

Tools for environmental projects

This list of service project ideas and resources was designed to generate ideas for actions related to management and the environment.
And also to assist in the development of skills and knowledge regarding social well-being, mobilization, fundraising, in addition to
of geography, history and Portuguese language / writing

Community perspectives for site cleanup

In this plan, students will observe different perspectives while defending the management of care in a place. They will audit locations that need extra attention and management. When they find a place to care, they must find out who the stakeholders are and interview them.

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